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BTL produces all types of blades using technologically advanced, automated processing lines for milling, grinding and turning of millions of compressor and turbine blades annually.
  • Milling
    Encompasses modern, multi-axis milling machines capable of machining complex shapes in tight tolerances, most arranged in automated lines with closed-loop measurement systems directly linked to the machine, ensuring high-quality compressor blades.
    BTL milling capabilities include 5-axis airfoil milling from bar or oversized forgings ranging from small blades to mid-size fan blades.
    Milling capabilities have been expanded to include machining of IBRs/blisks up to 600 mm in diameter.

  • Turning
    5-axis turning centers capable of machining large variety of variable vanes (spindle vanes) up to 400 mm in length. Most machines have both milling and turning capabilities, ensuring accurate production of complex parts.

  • Grinding
    BTL performs grinding operations on high and low pressure turbine blades, nozzle guide vanes, and nickel compressor blades.
    BTL has developed a unique, fully automated process for grinding, resulting in high-quality parts, low tooling cost, and short lead time.
    Grinding capacity has been increased significantly with the installation of new, automatic lines consisting of multi-axis grinding machines, loading and unloading robots, and an in-line inspection system.

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Photography: Warhaftig Venezian