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Quality Assurance
BTL is recognized as one of the world's most reliable suppliers in the industry and has attained the highest level of certifications.

The quality of every BTL product begins with the manufacturing process, designed to meet customer specifications and requirements. The involvement of experienced metallurgical and chemical engineers at every stage from design through production assures high-quality products.
Accountability and control throughout the manufacturing process are maintained by:
  • Shop floor operators responsible for controlling quality at their station.
  • Dimensional inspections using the most advanced and accurate laser measurement system, CMM, and gauges.
  • In order to ensure that all properties meet customers' specifications, BTL has In-house metallurgical and chemical labs, equipped with the most advanced equipment for:

    • Metallurgic evaluation (micro and macro)
    • Coatings and its thickness evaluation
    • Hardness (micro)
    • Mechanical testing (tensile test at room and elevated temperatures)
    • Hydrogen and sieve analysis
    • Corrosion evaluation by salt spraying
    • Automatic filtration of process solutions.
    • Contamination detection (for LMA)
    • Nondestructive tests (including FPI, MPI, XRI)

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Photography: Warhaftig Venezian